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Introducing the only Personal Protection System in the UK accredited to LPS1655 - The Ultra Guard 2 Portable Water Mist System. This system combines smoke detection with water mist to protect the vulnerable; it detects and suppresses fire early to create a survivable atmosphere, preventing smoke-related deaths.

This powerful fire protection system is rapid, efficient, fully portable, and self-contained. The Ultra Guard Water Mist System is perfect for flexible fire protection, suppressing a fire early and enabling the vulnerable and elderly to evacuate premises in anticipation of the arrival of the fire services.

Key Water Mist System Features

  • Price includes installation
  • Accredited with BRE (Building Research Establishment LPS1655 (LPCB Third Party Approval)
  • Fully portable and self-contained
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick-fire detection and suppression
  • 3-day battery backup in case of mains failure
  • Causes minimal damage to property when activated

24/7 Fire Protection

Ultra Guard acts as a water mist system in which the water atomises into tiny micro-droplets; this makes it highly effective at reducing temperature and maintaining oxygen levels within a room, ensuring fire safety at an early stage. Each system can hold over 110 litres of water, spraying water droplets consistently for 10 minutes; this provides precious time for evacuees to escape. The flexibility of the Ultra Guard means it can stand guard for 24 hours a day, all year round.

Upgrade Your Fire Safety Measures Today

Elevate your fire safety protocol today with the Ultra Guard 2 Portable Water Mist System. This unit is essential for suppressing a fire in its early stages, increasing safety for occupants, and maintaining the integrity of the building.

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Water Mist System FAQs

How does a water mist system work?

Water mist is a superior choice for fire protection as when tiny water droplets turn into vapour, a vast amount of energy is absorbed from the fire, suppressing its spread.

What are the benefits of a water mist fire suppression system?

  • The system has a gentle process; it does not harm occupants in a building, making it a safe choice.
  • The Ultra Guard rapidly suppresses and controls a fire, allowing evacuees to escape while waiting for the fire services to arrive.
  • Water mist is environmentally safe, minimising damage to its surroundings.

What types of properties can use a water mist system?

Water Mist Fire Systems are ideal for all properties, from domestic to commercial, such as:

  • Houses, Flats, and HMO’s
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Kitchens
Fire suppression area: 16m x 16m
Fire control area: 32m x 32m
Extinguishing agent: 110 litres of water
Installation time: 3 hours
Battery back-up: 3 days standby